0368 NR 9402 (SOLEROS Coffee End Table Set)

3 piece table setting , consists of 1 piece coffee table with 2 pieces of  side table , with L shape leg ( raised up design)

Make of 100% solid rubber wood material or either rubber wooden with veneer board 

Price is good upon request , sure you will happy to hear that .

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0468 NR 1184 (TERRA Nesting 3 Table Set)

3 pieces promote nesting table with 100% solid rubber wood products,

Available in veneer board top with wooden base .

With good quantity loading -2700 sets in container.

Good price , please email to us


0468 NR 1432 (NANCY Magazine Rack)

Knock down magazine rack make of SOLID RUBBER WOOD 

Good quantity load items , packed 1 per carton boxes .

Please send inquiry for best price .